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"EQUOLOGIX, empowering our customers by leveraging technology and industry best practices"

EQUOLOGIX has been providing services to its client base for decades, “empowering our customers by leveraging technology and industry best practices as part of our broad services portfolio.” We are driven by providing our customers enterprise-class staffing and IT best practices and methodologies. Our skills and expertise has enabled us to become true business partners to our clients which span multiple verticals i.e. Healthcare [Medical Plans, Medical Centers, Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturing]. Software Manufacturing, Government, Television & Broadcasting, Automotive, Consulting Professional Services, Mergers and Acquisition [Outsourcing/insourcing] among many others.

EQUOLOGIX is defined as an organization with over 20 years of cumulative industry experience and multinational exposure. Comprised of a team which has the expertise to proactively assist clients at all levels of System Development Life Cycle. Unlike traditional IT solutions providers, our services encompass the full spectrum of information technology from start to finish. As opposed to only delivering managed components, leaving the bulk of management responsibilities on you, “EQUOLOGIX empowers our customers by enabling them to focus on more pressing strategic issues” and to drive the core of their business to gain a competitive advantage!

Our solutions meet the demands of your business

EQUOLOGIX has been providing services to its client base for decades, offering strategic staffing and information technology services.

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Customer Testimonials

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    We are a small organization with steady growth. Our business needed to place a greater focus on the core of our business. We hired EQUOLOGIX as a value-added Managed Services Provider to handle all of our Information Technology needs. Their proactive IT services have helped us eliminate system downtime, but also to enhance the quality of our systems and services. Thank you EQUOLOGIX!

    ~ Elizabeth, SVP of IT Operations.
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    Our Business Continuity Plan needed a holistic review, we had failed Disaster Recovery audits in the past. Hired EQUOLOGIX as Subject Matter Experts in the area. They performed an assessment, produced highly detailed reports which defined our risks, but also a remediation plan. We have not failed a single audit or Disaster Recovery exercise since! We could not have done this without you EQUOLOGIX. Thank you

    ~ Gary, Director of Infrastructure

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